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Programs Getting Ready to Launch

We are planning to launch additional programs and support groups when we are able to start meeting together again at our site in San Jose.

Addictions Support Groups

Once our center is opened, we’ll partner with rehab support groups to provide community, guidance and prayer to those who struggle with addictions.

Wellness Cooking Courses

Small changes in the way we cook and eat can make a huge difference in the overall health of our families. Once we are able to convene, we’ll offer cooking classes and demonstrations for and by our families, to help moms learn new ways of making nutritious and tasty foods.

Teens Engagement Program

We want to offer young people opportunities to grow in their faith, in their education and in their careers! We always have a number of young volunteers serving our community in many different ways.

Mental Health Support Groups

Our physicians offer best in class medical care for those suffering with mental illness, but we don’t stop there! We are deeply engaged in prayer ministry, and hope that any member who is struggling with mental health issues will have the opportunity to experience the healing that comes through prayer. We will offer support and training for those who face depression and mental illness.

Support Groups for Young Children

We plan to organize play dates with moms of babies and toddlers, providing community and support to mothers of these beautiful and challenging young ones. Our physicians will use this as an opportunity to connect with families and check in on their health.

Prayer Groups

We want every member at Healing Grove Health Center to experience healing through prayer! We will offer regular prayer gatherings that are open to all of our members and the greater community.

After-School Tutoring Program

Schools are not opening and instruction is happening at home.  This presents a huge challenge for many low-income families.  Healing Grove is committed to fighting against health disparities through all kinds of social determinants of health - including education disparities.  We will connect families with volunteer tutors and provide technical support to make sure all children are connected to their classrooms and get a great education!