Your Concierge Membership

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A concierge health care plan just for you - all that you need, and nothing you don't. Healing Grove Health Center accepts HSA, HRA, and FSA.
HGHC Annual Membership                  $200 / month
This covers unlimited primary care, convenient physician access, health system navigation and advocacy, invitation to our health care, soul care, and culture care programs, and it gives two low-income members access to top quality primary care!
This also makes a great gift for a loved one with significant health needs.
We have a lot of experience working with uninsured people, so we know all of the secret cash price deals in the area!  This plan can be great for people with very high deductible health plans who avoid their doctors because of unreasonable copays and hidden fees.   We can find the most affordable meds, radiology, and lab tests in the South Bay, which often are less expensive than health plan copays.

Affordable, High Quality Care

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