Our Model: Concierge Health Care

About Health Grove Concierge Health Care

Physical Care

Our board-certified primary care physicians are experts in science-based Western medicine. They have training in all medical specialties – dermatology, psychiatry, orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, neurology, nephrology, GI, gynecology, etc. – a little bit of everything - and can care for 90% of illnesses and injuries without the need for specialty referral. They have extensive experience and training from highly respected institutions. 

Soul Care

Medical science is starting to awaken to the fact that people are not machines. Diseases behave differently in different people and there is more to healing than finding the right pill. At Healing Grove, our doctors can use their spiritual gifts to see underlying aspects of some disease processes. We also invite interested patients to augment their health through prayer, Spirit-led healing, community, scripture studies, mentorship, trauma-specific therapy, and pastoral care. We believe in the power of God to bring wholeness and fullness of life.

Culture Care

We exist in the context of culture, which affects everything from the food and music we prefer to our parenting style and response to pain. All cultures come with positive and negative attributes. Many of our patients exist in multiple cultures simultaneously, as immigrants or in multicultural households. At Healing Grove, we celebrate culture and foster honest conversations about what is life-giving and what is hard about your cultural experience. We believe that if we can all grow in good cultural health, we will all be enriched.

What's it like to be a Healing Grove member?

Hear from one our member, Sandra Hahs!

Health Care Membership Benefits

Injuries happen at all hours.  We are often able to meet after hours to sew up a laceration or apply a splint, saving our members hundreds of dollars of copays in the ER. We also have access to low cost medications, labs, and imaging studies. We can often do the same workup for less cost than your usual copay using traditional insurance. All members receive a set of screening blood tests every year, along with one free xray per year if indicated.

Annual Health Care Exam

Every year you’ll receive an extended visit with your personal physician to strive toward holistic wellness through health care and spiritual care.


Your personal doctor will go walk through a thorough health care and soul care assessment, and help you develop a plan to be at your very best!

Zero Wait Time for Your Doctor

At other clinics, you wait in the waiting room, waste time filling out forms, and then wait again for the doctor in the clinical rooms. At Healing Grove Health Center, you don’t wait for the doctor. The doctor is waiting for you!

Spiritual Health Care

We understand that you’re more than a machine. You are a complex mix of body & soul, mind, machine, and heart.


Our physicians come from the Christian faith tradition. We provide equal doses of medications & prayer, of physical treatments & spiritual care. Whatever your faith tradition, you’ll be welcomed and comfortable here.

Personal Relationship with Your Doctor

At Healing Grove Center, we build a personal relationship with you. We want to know what makes you tick, what you care about, and what you're struggling with. We want to know about you and your family. 

Connected to Your Doctor, 24/7

We care about you during business hours and after business hours! Every patient will receive the personal cell phone number of their doctor. Whether emergencies or urgent care, we’re there for you!


Get in contact directly with your personal doctor right away, who knows you and cares for you. Your personal doctor is just a click away.

Connected to the Health Care System

When you need something more than primary care, we’ll help you navigate the system. The U.S. health care system is incredibly difficult to navigate. Our doctors have decades of combined experience in helping patients get the care they need. We use our relationships and personal networks to help our members get the very best health care available. Our doctors have the time to advocate for you; providing referrals, making phone calls, and checking in to make sure you get the care you need.

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