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Arte de Vida

Overcoming Trauma with Art

Arte de Vida (The Art of Life) is a ministry of Healing Grove Health Center, helping parents and teens overcome and build resilience against the pain and trauma of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).

Arte de Vida is a 6 week program authored by Dr. Angela Bymaster, M.D., an expert in Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Dr. Bymaster was the author of a peer reviewed paper on the subject. The Arte de Vida program was developed and has been run in partnership with San Jose Bridge Communities.

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Art in the Community

Bringing Families Together

Gathering parents and teens to talk honestly about the trauma in their past and guide them toward holistic healing through Jesus-centered soul care.

Image by Jude Beck
Facilitate Conversations

Facilitating conversations that help teens and parents identify adverse childhood events in their past, to experience healing through faith, and build resilience for a promising future.

Art that Sparks Conversations

Using art to spark conversations that lead to breakthroughs in healing.  Oftentimes it is easier to express feelings through art which are hard to say verbally.

Forgiveness through Art

Practicing forgiveness can bring healing and life, clearing out the bitterness and pain that was previously there.  It is a complicated process but when done well, it is powerfully healing.