Misty Slopes

Join us in our fight against the viral pandemic and the poverty pandemic.

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Programs in Action

We see the need for social advocacy and healing in the low-income community.

In response to this need, we partner with local leaders to foster restoration, healing and hope.

Madre A Madre

We are close partners with this grassroots Women's Empowerment program, where women are encouraged in leadership.  Through training and support, they become advocates for their communities and families. Click below to learn more.

Arte De Vida

Because trauma can cause tremendous, long-lasting damage to individuals, families, and communities, we have founded a program to bring healing to those whose lives have been impacted by violence, abuse, or loss.

Programs Scheduled to Launch

Our clinic has opened!  We are eager to launch more programs in the San Jose community. These programs include cooking classes, trainings, pastoral counseling, and more.  We will begin to open these once the County Health Dept allows gatherings.