Healing, not Healthcare

Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed;

save me and I will be saved,

for you are the one I praise.

- Jeremiah 17:14

Health Care

Our board certified primary care physicians are experts in scientific based Western medicine.  We will work to find the right treatment for your unique condition.

Soul Care

We believe that holistic care includes the soul. Our relationships with God, other people, and even the natural world around us affects our physical and mental health.   

Culture Care

We see culture not as turf to be warred over, but as beautiful garden created by God to be cared for. Everything about our cultures, from politics to food, from relational styles to music, affects our lives and our health.  

Close Up of Corn Field

Experience True Healing

The mission of Healing Grove Health Center is to share the love of Jesus through Health Care, Soul Care, and Culture Care to bring "the healing of the nations" to our community.

Private Concierge Medical Care


Board Certified Doctors

We offer top quality, evidence-based western medicine provided by board certified primary care physicians who are experts in their field.  They can manage 90% of the health problems that arise in their patients without the need for specialty care.    

They take the time to know you well, in the context of your spiritual and cultural milieu.

Relationship with Doctor

On average, insurance companies force primary care doctors to see a new patient every 12.5 minutes. That leaves little time to actually know a patient, let alone have the time to fully care for the patient.

At Healing Grove, we use the Direct Primary Care model to eliminate the middle man and the outside pressures.  This allows your doctor to spend more time on you and focus in on your unique health needs.

One Cost for the Year

Your one-time annual membership fee covers you for the whole year. This includes physicals, sick visits, preventative care, injuries, everything in primary care!  You will only use your insurance or deductible for complicated workups, specialty referrals, or hospital care.


No hidden costs. No co-pays. It is simple and easy.

Contact Us

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Make An Impact


Healing Grove Health Center cares about the community. See how we're reaching the community with your contributions.

COVID 19 Response

We have established a response system to help alleviate the disparity for those who are most in need during this global health crisis.

Find out how we are making an impact in our community.


Concierge primary care that complements your insurance at $200 a month. Your membership also provides for two others.


You can sponsor a member at $70 per month. Provide health care to the most vulnerable in the community.


Want to donate? Help us to alleviate suffering in a low-income community today!

Our Impact

provided to families in poverty that experienced COVID related job losses

Provided to low income uninsured people

prevented from becoming homeless through our rent assistance and direct financial aid programs

provided to families facing hunger impacted by COVID

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